At Just in Time Events we want you to take pleasure in celebrating your child’s first year. After all of the accomplishments,  your baby has achieved this year, from their first smile, to rolling over, crawling and eventually walking, there is so much to celebrate.


We will work with you to bring your visions to life for your child’s first birthday. All the decorating, designing , and coordinating will be done for you so the day of the party you can relax and enjoy your little one’s milestone birthday.


1st Birthday Party Packages Available


Themed Cake & smash  cake

Decorated Dessert Table


Themed Plates & Napkins

Custom Birthday Poster

Custom Snap Chat Filter

Personalized Backdrop


Birthday Activities

1 Hour Character Visit

Custom Themed Invitations

Custom First Birthday Shirt  (tutu included for girls)


Upgrades Available:

First Birthday Smash Cake Photos





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