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Lately, I have heard of so many DIY brides and I am really glad brides are putting their own personal touches on their wedding. Pinterest is excellent for ideas because you have thousands of inspirations and photos at your fingertips.

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After all of the hard work you put into planning and crafting you need someone to execute your vision on the day of your wedding. Someone that can bring your dreams to a reality. You have made all of your signs with the help of that new cricut machine your fiance bought you for your birthday- and you have your favors that you labored for hours over, ready to go. But where will they go? Who will display them just perfectly? Will you ask your mom to place your place cards, your bridesmaids to assemble your centerpieces, your future mother in law to set up your card box, your maid of honor to set up your sweetheart table with your newly purchased lanterns and handmade letter of your new last name? Who will be putting together your vision? That is what you must ask yourself. The day of your wedding goes a little like this-

7 am wake up; even though you may not have slept because of all the excitement 7:30 eat breakfast 7:45 hair and makeup begins 11:00 photographer arrives to take getting ready and family photos 11:30 get dressed 12:30 last bridesmaid is done with hair and makeup and you can finally finish taking photos 1:00 get on the limo 2:00 arrive at the church 2:30 say I do 2:45 more pictures this time at the church 3:45 more pictures at another location (outdoorsy) 4:45 arrive at the venue 5:00 cocktail hour begins 5:15 mingle with guests during cocktail hour 5:55 go back up to the bridal suite for announcements as Mr. and Mrs. 6:05 Grand entrance 6:15 first dances 6:30 toasts 7:00 dinner is served 7:45 dancing begins 8:30 cake is cut 9:00 more pictures and garter/ bouquet toss 9:55 sparkler send off

Your Wedding day is jam packed from the time you wake up until the time you leave your venue. There is not enough time for you to decorate the venue, place all those personal touches you worked so hard on, or manage all the vendors that will be at your wedding. There will be so many phone calls the day of the wedding. The DJ needs to know what door to go in, the shuttle bus from the hotel only has one person on it so the driver calls, the hotel calls because no one is on the shuttle, the florist calls because they thought you only needed 8 round mirrors for centerpieces but you have 18 tables, the venue who said they would put your centerpieces out are now saying they don’t have the staff, the photographer needs your invitation, your rings, your shoes, your jewelry, and you have no idea where they are. There are so many details that go into planning a wedding and although you may have done the planning yourself, you still need a professional on your side the day of your wedding to make sure every thing you planned is absolutely perfect.

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