Venue Coordinator vs. Wedding Day of Coordinator

My venue comes with a Venue Coordinator so I guess I don’t need to hire my own Day of Coordinator. Right? – Wrong.  A Day of Wedding Coordinator hired by you work side by side with the Venue Coordinator at your Venue.   So you may be asking what the difference is.

A Venue Coordinator – does exactly that- coordinates everything that has to do with venue. They show you around the venue, they arrange menu tastings, they act as the call person between you and the venue staff, they ensure basic set up of tables and chairs, they ensure food and drinks are served as agreed in your catering contract, and they endure there is no damage to the venues property by yourself or the vendors that you bring in. They provide a timeline solely for their catering staff and often times leave after dinner is served. A venue Coordinator works for the Venue not you directly, they work in the best interest of the Venue. They may also have multiple weddings happening that day and can be pulled in multiple different directions. Venue Coordinators work with 100s of other brides, which leads to delayed response times.  Venue Coordinators do not rehearse with you and your bridal party the night before and they do not coordinate all of your vendors.

A Day of Coordinator – hired by you, works for YOU and only you the day of the wedding. She is your advocate the entire wedding day (from the time you get ready in the morning from the time you leave that night) and will make sure your vision comes to life. The wedding Coordinator ensures that the rest of the vendors are fulfilling their duties. All vendors are contacted by your Coordinator and are managed by her on your wedding day to keep things stress free for you the Bride.  A personalized wedding day timeline is created for you and your bridal party so that you may know what is going on at all times, in order to have the best day possible. Your Coordinator is always just a text or call away. You will meet multiple times with your Coordinator in order to ensure your vision comes to life along with a Rehearsal the night before the wedding. Your Coordinator will become your go to girl.  Need to find where to get 100 champagne embroidered blankets as favors- your Coordinator can tell you. Need your dress steamed last minute in the back of the limo? Your Coordinator will be right there with you.  There is usually no limit of what a Day Of Coordinator will do for you from tracking down your marriage license you thought was in your suitcase, to holding your umbrella, fluffing your dress for pictures, to tying your bow ties when all of the groomsmen realize they have no idea how to do it, the coordinator you hire for one of the most important days of your life will take care of it.  There are so many small details that go into making this day so special, you need to absolutely trust the person who will be carrying out all of your plans and personal touches.

My goal is to make sure you enjoy every moment of your wedding day.  Consider your Wedding Coordinator your Wedding day BFF, there to guide you and your partner through the whole process as smoothly as possible. After all, I will be by your side from the moment you start planning until you make your grand exit.

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